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Blue Cola.

This is ironic in so many ways.

Black bow… 

Oh yeahhhh 

Black Milkshake. .

(I feel like a weird mixture of both of you XD)

Blue Tissue…..

that sucks :(

Black Magazine

If only it was the item to your left, it would have been Black Bandana, and that sounds cool!

Blue Manuscript

… What is this I don’t even =/ I guess the manuscript in question has really awesome music on it but still. Not a great superhero name.

Purple Pusheen

Aaaaaa this is ridiculously cute. Also lol troll is that Snake Eater you have there :B Wouldn’t it be Blue Snake Eater then. Haha that sounds kind of hilarious

Grey Rexona… *sigh*

The Green Index Card …. =(

Red Polka Dot Mouse!! Haha (My shirt is black w/red polka dots, so I went with my first instinct)

Black card.

Blue Trashcan!!

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Only Elijah Wood can play a guy who tries to kill himself with 4 revisions of his suicide note, then fails, looks up “drug overdose” then has his door bell rung by a woman who wants him to watch her dog that he sees as a man in a dog costume. He befriends the Dog costumed man, steals weed from his neighbor’s house and shits in his boot, is an ass to his sister and to top it all of he throws a ball then go’s to get high with the dog. Lovely. I am looking forward to many more seasons.

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